Industrial Gasses Units

MAN Energy Solutions is a renowned supplier of compressor trains for the production of industrial gases. Highly efficient air, dry air, nitrogen and oxygen compressors are necessary in order to keep the enormous process energy requirement to a minimum.

Main components in such plants are:
  • Isotherm compressors
  • Axial compressors
  • Integrally-geared and radial compressors
  • Steam turbine drives
  • Electrical motors

Air compressors are supplied for the production of iron and steel as well as for coal gasification processes. They are also used as blast furnace blowers.


Upstream Production

MAN Energy Solutions offers service-friendly and efficient compression solutions for upstream, midstream and downstream operations in the oil & gas industry.



Midstream Oil & Gas

For oil and gas transportation purposes, MAN Energy Solutions offers conventional pipeline compressors for natural gas and MOPICO® or HOFIMTM compressors.



Downstream Oil & Gas

MAN Energy Solutions supplies highly reliable compressors, expanders, turbines and knowhow for crude oil and natural gas applications in refinery processing.


Industrial Power

Industrial Power

Power generation equipment from MAN Energy Solutions covers all the needs in the power generation industry from conventional power plants to renewable energy.