Proven and robust AIRTRAIN technology

MAN Energy Solutions delivers AIRTRAINs consisting of steam turbine driven main air compressor (MAC) and booster air compressor (BAC) or separate motor driven MACs and BACs. All these solutions meet the customer´s oxygen demand for units between 500 tpd and 4,200 tpd.

Air separation units (ASU) were traditionally used in the steel industry. Today, ASUs are used for many other purposes such as:

  • Partial Oxidation of hydrocarbons for the production of synthetic fuels (GTL, CTL, BTL) and other hydrocarbons from gas, coal or biomass.
  • Petrochemical applications
  • Food industry
  • Semi-conductor industry
  • Production of medical gases
  • Plus various other uses

Competitive solutions for all project types

Thanks to our proven and robust technology and well-optimized economics in both investment and operating costs, more than 80 AIRTRAINs and hundreds of motor-driven compressors in air separation plants are now in operation worldwide.

The comprehensive product portfolio of MAN Energy Solutions and our in-house engineering capabilities provide competitive solutions for customized as well as standardized projects.

Your direct benefits

  • Proven and robust technology
  • Well-optimized economics in both investment and operating costs
  • Hundreds of reference plants in operation worldwide
  • A comprehensive product range

Selected References

Order Year
Steel Germany 2010  Download
Coal-to-Liquid China 2009  Download
Coal-to-Liquid China 2007  Download
Coal-to-Liquid Korea 2007  Download
Oxygen Compression Russia 2007  Download
Ammonia China 2005  Download
Enhanced Oil Recovery Mexico 2005  Download
Coal-to-Liquid China 2005  Download
Methanol Trinidad & Tobago 2001 Download


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