Highly Contaminated Gases

Robust and reliable compressors for extreme conditions

Extreme process gas conditions require robust and reliable compressors.

MAN Energy Solutions screw compressors are able to cope with conditions and applications where reciprocating or centrifugal compressors cannot be used due to corrosion and erosion impact.

A wide range of gas applications

MAN Energy Solutions process-gas screw compressors are highly suitable for a wide range of applications such as:
  • Mining
  • Iron and steel mills
  • Chemical complexes
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Refineries and oilfields

Ideal for light gas compression

MAN Energy Solutions screw compressors are ideal for the compression of light gases. Wide fluctuations in gas composition and associated molecular weight do not influence a screw compressor's mechanical behavior. Relatively low tip speeds allow both the compression of dust laden gases as well as the injection of liquids into the compression chamber for cooling and washing.

Designed to deliver extreme suction

MAN Energy Solutions screw compressors are designed for suction flows of up to 100,000 m3/h and discharge pressures of as much as 50 bar. They are engineered as single or multi-stage units in accordance with API619 and can be driven either by electric motors or steam turbines.

Your direct benefits

  • MAN Energy Solutions has the longest track record and the broadest expertise in the market
  • Suitable for a wide variety of applications
  • Designed for extreme conditions and very high suction flows
  • Flexible single or multi-stage units
  • Available for both steam power and electrical power sources

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Upstream Production

MAN Energy Solutions offers service-friendly and efficient compression solutions for upstream, midstream and downstream operations in the oil & gas industry.



Midstream Oil & Gas

For oil and gas transportation purposes, MAN Energy Solutions offers conventional pipeline compressors for natural gas and MOPICO® or HOFIMTM compressors.



Downstream Oil & Gas

MAN Energy Solutions supplies highly reliable compressors, expanders, turbines and knowhow for crude oil and natural gas applications in refinery processing.


Industrial Power

Industrial Power

Power generation equipment from MAN Energy Solutions covers all the needs in the power generation industry from conventional power plants to renewable energy.