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World-leading supplier of efficient air compressors

MAN Energy Solutions is the world’s leading supplier of air compressor trains for steel plants.

Air compressor trains are essential to the operation and profitability of steel plants and blast furnaces. The ever-increasing industrialization and wealth in the Newly Industrialized Countries is driving the global demand for steel ever upwards, and new investments in steel plants are becoming ever more necessary.

Expertise and experience for your project

Large blast furnaces require higher air flows for the reduction of iron ore to liquid iron in order to produce high grade steel in the steel plant. This requires efficient air compressors, and MAN Energy Solutions has the expertise and the experience from numerous projects around the world – see the list of references below.

Recovering and reusing top gas energy

Top gas (the gas given off by the blast furnace) can be recovered and used in turbines. These can be supplied by MAN Energy Solutions, too, so a considerable amount of the energy used for the blast furnace blower can be recovered. This contributes to protect the environment as no primary energy is used to power it.

Your direct benefits

  • The world’s leading supplier is there for you
  • A long list of references

Selected References

Order year
Country of Installation
Customer / Operator
MDT equipment
2011 Duisburg, Germany HKM Main Air Blower, Motor
2009 Rourkela, India RSP Main Air Blower, Steam Turbine


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