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Superior ASU solutions

MAN Energy Solutions supplies leading technology for the machinery trains of large air separation units. Air separation units (ASU) have many applications such as the production of synthetic fuels and other hydrocarbons from gas (GTL), coal (CTL) or biomass (BTL). They can also be used in carbon capture and storage applications (CCS), integrated gasification combined cycle applications (IGCC) as well as enhanced oil recovery (EOR). ASU train sizes are constantly growing to take advantage of economies of scale and – due to the lower train count in huge plants – also of shorter delivery time and lower effort for site erection, operations and maintenance. With the AIRMAX trains – standardized in the sizes S to XL – our customers are prepared for train capacities of 7,000 tons of oxygen per day or larger, which is an expected size in the foreseeable future.

AIRMAX trains are very competitive regarding CAPEX and transportability due to the higher speed and power density of MAC (main air compressor) and steam turbine. Regarding OPEX AIRMAX sets the benchmark, since the efficiency of the MAC has been further improved, and the steam turbine is now operating at its optimum speed with respect to efficiency.

A standardized concept

AIRMAX is MAN Energy Solutions' standardized machine train concept for large air separation units. AIRMAX trains consist of an AR-MAX1 and a geared-type BAC (booster air compressor), both driven by a steam turbine positioned between MAC and BAC. AIRMAX perfectly meets the market demands for large air separation units between 3,000 t/d (tons per day) and 7,000 t/d of oxygen production with proven robust technology and well-optimized economics when it comes to investments and operating costs.

Your direct benefits

  • Very economic in CAPEX (MAC and steam turbine)
  • Very economic in OPEX (MAC and steam turbine)
  • Superior surge robustness
  • Excellent transport features (smallest and lightest concept in the market)
  • Potential for very high pressures for HP-ASU (also with 2 intercoolings)
  • Potential for very large air compressor trains (7000 t/d O2 and larger)

AIRMAX featuring AR-MAX1 axial/radial compressor

Selected References 

Order Year
Coal-to-Liquid South Africa 2015 Download
Coal-to-Liquid China 2014 Download
Coal-to-Liquid China 2013 Download
Coal-to-Liquid China 2012 Download
Gas-to-Liquid Qatar 2006 Download
Gas-to-Liquid Nigeria 2005 Download
Gas-to-Liquid Qatar 2003 Download
Enhanced Oil Recovery Mexico 1997/2005 Download
Coal-to-Liquid South Africa 1976-1992 Download


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