Combined Heat and Power Plant Rheinstart

Ecologic and economic operation

Increasing awareness of the need to save resources and reduce the greenhouse effect are the main drivers for cogeneration as well-known as Combined Heat and Power (CHP). CHP power plants use a gas engine or gas turbine to generate electrical power by driving an electric generator. The exhaust gas heat is used to produce hot water for direct use or district heating, for process heat supply or for cooling (absorption refrigeration) processes. The direct blow off of the exhaust gas to the atmosphere and subsequent loss of the exhaust heat energy is eliminated.

Fuel savings up to 30 percent

This efficient and economical method of energy conversion achieves primary energy savings of roughly 30 % by using a gas engine or gas turbine cogeneration system instead of separate power and heat generation equipment. Transportation and distribution losses are also reduced or eliminated as the decentralized energy supply is secured where it is needed. Use of exhaust gas heat in CHP processes is beneficial for both the environment as well as the overall operating costs.

A CHP scheme will cut costs because it operates at much higher efficiencies than other forms of power generation. The total plant efficiency can rise to even above 80 %. This setup is ideal as an “island” solution for stand-alone power and heat supply in manufacturing plants and industrial facilities.

MAN at the heart of the power plant

MAN Energy Solutions gas turbine portfolio for such kind of power generation covers the range from 6 MW to 13 MW.


Your direct benefits

  • Efficient use of primary fuel
  • High and constant efficiency levels (more than 80 percent)
  • No transportation and distribution losses
  • Full power is achieved within ten minutes
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

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Upstream Production

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Industrial Gases

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