Combined Cycle

Enhanced efficiency for energy intensive industries

Energy prices are rising consistently, while legal requirements to reduce emissions such as greenhouse gases are getting stricter. Efficiency enhancement is the main driver for Combined Cycle Power Plants (CCPP).

Many industrial processes are energy intensive. Thus often leads to an independent on-site power plant. To increase the efficiency of these power plants, processes can be combined to recover and utilize the heat energy in hot exhaust gases. So a combined cycle power plant has an increased overall electric energy output, an improved efficiency while greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.

Combined Cycle Processes

The term “combined cycle” refers to the combining of two power generation cycles. Gas engines or gas turbines burn fuels, convert the heat into mechanical energy and drive a generator, producing electrical power. The exhaust gas energy is used to produce steam that feeds a steam turbine. The steam turbine converts the thermal energy into mechanical energy and drives a generator providing additional electric energy.

Efficient custom-made steam turbines

MAN Energy Solutions provides gas turbines (6 - 13 MW) for small Combined Cycle Power Plants. Further engines with increased power output are currently under development.

Besides gas turbines, MAN Energy Solutions offers a comprehensive range of efficient steam turbines in the power range 2-160 MW. We provide all major components of the steam turbine generator set such as generators, condensers, oil units, instrumentation & controls. Up to three admissions and extractions for district heating are possible.

Your direct benefits

  • Improved overall electric energy output
  • High efficiency
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Operating cost savings for energy intensive industries

Selected Combined Cycle References

Order year
Country of Installation
MDT equipment
2001 Pulrose, Isle of Man, UK. Isle of Man State Electricity Authority (MEA) Steam turbine-generator set incl. condenser
2001 Rzeszow, Poland Lurgi Energie und Entsorgurng / EC Rzeszow Steam turbine-generator set incl. condenser

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