Using a constant energy source

The need to produce CO2 neutral electricity by using renewable energy sources has created various innovative solutions. One of these solutions is Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), which are effective especially in sun-rich countries.

MAN Energy Solutions are assisting global utility companies in the construction of these highly specialized and remarkable power plants.

In CSP plants, mirrors reflect the solar radiation to a receiver, providing an extremely concentrated energy output. Different technologies exist for the extraction of this energy. Typically, the sunlight is converted via mirrors and receivers into heating through the vaporizing of water into steam. Other CSPs work by increasing the temperature of thermo oil or molten salt. Steam is then produced in water-fed heat exchangers and expanded in a steam turbine which in turn drives a generator.

Efficiency is the key word

In CSP power plants efficiency plays a major role due to high overall investment costs and renewable energies feed-in legislation.

MAN Energy Solutions has the technology and the know-how to optimize the complete water/steam-cycle in close cooperation with our customers. Depending on the plant concept re-heat (two casings) or single casing steam turbines both with up to 8 bleeds for pre-heating purposes can be supplied.

MAN Energy Solutions has delivered more than 10 steam turbines for solar power generation with a power output range of 4 up to 125 MW.

Your direct benefits

  • MAN Energy Solutions at the forefront of an emerging technology
  • Technology and knowhow made available to you
  • Complete water/steam-cycle solutions

Selected Combined Cycle References

Order year
Country of Installation
MDT equipment
2011 Les Borges Blanques, Spain UTE Termosolar Borges Steam turbine-generator MARC 6-R05 (water-cooled condenser)
2011 Viellena, Spain UTE Termosolar Steam turbine-generator set (reheat)
2010 Palma del Rio, Spain UTE Termosolar Steam turbine-generator set (reheat)
2009 Kanchanaburi, Thailand Thai Solar Energy Steam turbine-generator MARC 2-C04 (water-cooled condenser)
2008 Alcudia de Guadix, Spain Solar Millenium AG Steam turbine-generator set (reheat)
2008 Shams, UAE PJSC Steam turbine-generator set


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