Pulp & Paper Industry

A comprehensive turbine range for the paper industry

The pulp & paper industry is mainly situated in North America, Scandinavia, East Asia and South America. It uses wood as raw material to produce pulp, paper and other cellulose-based products.

Steam turbines used in the pulp & paper industry have an important function in the plant process. Thanks to our highly comprehensive range of efficient and custom-made steam turbines, MAN Energy Solutions is well prepared to meet the demands of our customers.

We offer controlled and uncontrolled extractions and are able to provide all relevant equipment for the steam turbine generator set (i.e. generator and condenser).

Recently MAN Energy Solutions has supplied two steam turbines with 98 MWel and 60 MWel power output to the South American market.

Your direct benefits

  • All relevant equipment from one supplier
  • Efficient and custom-made steam turbines

Selected Combined Cycle References

Order year
Country of Installation
MDT equipment
2016 Caima, Portugal Caima Steam turbine-generator set
2009 Santa Fe, Chile CMPC Steam turbine-generator set
2009 Laja, Chile CMPC Steam turbine-generator set


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