Simple Cycle Poweplants 

Flexible and reliable power generation solution

Regenerative energy supply needs backup power plants to balance fluctuations in the grid, e.g. as a result from a lack of sunshine or wind. Simple Cycle Power Plants (SCPP) provide such a flexible and reliable power generation solution.

SCPP consist of a single or multiple gas turbine generator set(s). MAN gas turbines are high-technology packages comprising a gas compressor, fuel combustors and a power turbine. In the gas turbine, air is compressed in the gas compressor. Energy is added to the compressed air by burning liquid or gaseous fuel in the combustor. The hot, compressed air is expanded through a gas turbine, which drives both the compressor and an electric power generator.

Simple cycle power plants are often used in remote areas as power generation black start, emergency or peaking units operating for a low number of hours per year due to their lower overall efficiency compared to Combined Cycle Power Plants.

Fast start-up and variable loads

MAN Energy Solutions' gas turbine portfolio for power generation covers the range of 6 - 13 MW. The focus is on fast start-up as well as start reliability and the capability for quick load variations.

Your direct benefits

  • Flexible and reliable source of power
  • Fast start-up
  • Quick load variations
  • Operates independently (“Island”-solution)

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Upstream Production

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