MAN Steam Turbines for waste sourced power

Waste-to-Energy (WtE) is the treatment and conversion of waste sources into electricity or heat. In many WtE plants the objective is to generate energy by burning waste rather than using it for landfill - a strong pollutant and a waste of a useful resource.

The heat generated by this combustion process is used for power generation resulting in additional profit for the operator. WtE activities in Europe have intensified massively after the 2005 EU Directive prohibiting landfill of non-treated waste. 

Steam turbines for WtE

Depending on the customer’s requirements, MAN Energy Solutions supplies steam turbine generators for WtE plants and can also include parts of the water-steam-cycle into its scope of supply. Examples of such deliveries may include heating condensers, air-cooled condensers, pre-heaters, by-pass stations and connecting pipe work. A special operational requirement that we encounter in the WtE business is long-term turbine bypass operation. For this requirement turbine blading design can be adapted.

A classic MAN application

Electrical power generation based on waste incineration is an example of a classic application for MAN steam turbines. Recently, MAN Energy Solutions delivered the biggest steam turbine generator set for a WtE plant in the U.K. with a power output of 80 MWel.

Your direct benefits

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Selected Waste-to-Energy References

Order year
Country of Installation
MDT equipment
2015 Lünen, Germany Remondis Steam turbine-generator set incl. auxiliaries
2014 Wilton, U.K. CNIM Steam turbine-generator set incl. auxiliaries
2012 Hørsholm, Denmark I/S Nordforbrænding Steam turbine-generator set
2011 Oxfordshire, U.K. CNIM Steam turbine-generator set


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