Waste Heat Recovery

Solutions to minimize energy waste

The price of fuel oil prices is going one way only: Upwards. As a result, getting every last bit of energy out of the fuel oil is becoming ever more important for shippers and for power plant operators – in fact, fuel efficiency is in itself becoming a major factor in the global competition.

One way of maximizing the energy efficiency of the fuel oil is by recovering energy from waste gases. In a Waste Heat Recovery System (WHRS), the vast amounts of energy stored in exhaust gases from ships and power plants are extracted and put to use instead of going to waste.

MAN Energy Solutions has the components, the expertise and the experience to minimize energy waste from ships and power plants.

12 % energy recovered

Typical methods of heat recovery in marine system applications and power plants include direct heat recovery to waste heat boilers. The exhaust gas of the main engine is used in a boiler system to produce superheated steam to drive the steam turbine. In a combined WHRS, an exhaust gas bypass drives a power turbine which enhances the total output. By using state of the art components from MAN Diesel & Turbo a recovery rate of up to 12 % of the main engine power can be achieved.

Significant fuel reductions

Fuel reductions of between 4-11 % are possible, depending on the selected WHRS solution. The larger the engine power, the greater the possible fuel savings. In addition to large fuel savings, a WHRS gives large CO2, NOx, SOx and particulate reduction to the benefit of the environment. Also, the payback time is short.

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