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Supplying the global oil and gas industry

MAN Energy Solutions offers compression solutions for upstream, midstream and downstream operations in the oil and gas industry.

A unique range of compressors

We develop and deliver single- or multi-unit trains for the production and processing of crude oil, gases and their respective products.

The product program also includes a unique range of hermetically sealed compressors using magnetic bearings for the transportation and storage of natural gas.

Suitable solutions for sour and wet gas applications

Our product range is suitable for use in sour and wet gas applications as well as future subsea production facilities. Ultra high-pressure barrel compressors, with exit pressures from 300 to 1000 bar, are supplied for specialized applications such as enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

Refinery applications

For refinery applications (HDS, HDT, Alkylation, Chlorine, etc.), the main products are trains comprising barrel type compressors and drivers (electric motors or steam turbines). For applications such as vapor, IGCC and xTL, integrally geared type compressor systems can be supplied.

Upstream, midstream or downstream – we know how

The oil and gas industry includes all processes of global exploitation, mining and refining of oil and gas deposits. Often, the extraction and processing of those raw materials is divided into three areas: upstream, midstream and downstream.

  • Upstream means the Exploration & Production (E & P) phases, which include the search for potential oil and gas fields, exploration drilling and the extraction of oil and gas from wells.
  • Midstream refers to the transportation or storage of extracted oil or natural gas.
  • Downstream describes the processing of crude oil in refineries as well as the processing and refining of natural gases.

Your direct benefits

  • Reliable and economically efficient solutions
  • Wide range in flows, temperatures and pressures
  • Unique solutions for all oil and gas applications
  • Highest efficiency and proven impeller design
  • Service-friendly design and easy maintenance

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Midstream Oil & Gas

For oil and gas transportation purposes, MAN Energy Solutions offers conventional pipeline compressors for natural gas and MOPICO® or HOFIMTM compressors.



Downstream Oil & Gas

MAN Energy Solutions supplies highly reliable compressors, expanders, turbines and knowhow for crude oil and natural gas applications in refinery processing.


Industrial Gases

Industrial Gases

MAN Energy Solutions delivers compressors and turbines for industrial gas applications such as air separation, enhanced oil recovery and gas/coal to liquids.


Industrial Power

Industrial Power

Power generation equipment from MAN Energy Solutions covers all the needs in the power generation industry from conventional power plants to renewable energy.