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General Information

Turbomachinery - Product range and centres of competencePDF1.91 MB Download


Advantages of Oil-Free Screw CompressorsPDF1.12 MB Download
Screw Compressors - Engineered for the process industryPDF1.51 MB Download
Oil-Free Process-Gas Screw CompressorsPDF3.65 MB Download
Isotherm Turbocompressors with integrated coolingPDF636.55 KB Download
HOFIM Technology - Oil-free compression systemsPDF651.19 KB Download
RB - Barrel type centrifugal compressorsPDF357.39 KB Download
RG Integrally geared compressorsPDF345.71 KB Download
MOPICO - Gas pipeline compression systemPDF518.95 KB Download
MECOS - Magnetic BearingsPDF444.34 KB Download
HOFIM - For Upstream GasPDF522.37 KB Download
Engineered to the MAX1mum: AIRMAX - the new standard for large ASUPDF4.09 MB Download
RIKT 2nd Generation - Isothermal TurbocompressorPDF272.46 KB Download
RIKT Isothermal TurbocompressorsPDF333.86 KB Download
Chinese Version Engineered to the MAXimum: AIRMAX - the new standard for large ASUPDF2.15 MB Download
Chinese version: RIKT 2nd Generation - Isothermal Turbocompressors PDF453.47 KB Download
RIKT 71 - Isothermal TurbocompressorPDF766.25 KB Download

Gas Turbines & Steam Turbines

MGT6100 Gas Turbine Generator PackagePDF1023.03 KB Download
Steam Turbines 1-160 MWPDF823.50 KB Download
Steam Turbines - Mechanical drive applications 1-160 MWPDF2.85 MB Download
MARC Steam Turbines - The modular turbine conceptPDF3.95 MB Download
THM Gas TurbinesPDF934.28 KB Download
Evolved - Our New Generation of industrial gas turbinesPDF1018.52 KB Download

Solutions & Applications

Turbomachinery for Ammonia and Urea plantsPDF1.81 MB Download
Refinery Train PackagePDF11.85 MB Download
Forward Thinking - Advanced CO2 compression solutionsPDF4.90 MB Download
Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC)PDF2.16 MB Download
Mallnow Natural Gas Compressor StationPDF1.80 MB Download
Fuelgas CompressorsPDF712.21 KB Download

Power Generation

Steam Turbines for Waste-to-EnergyPDF1.37 MB Download
Waste Heat Recovery System (WHRS)PDF4.98 MB Download
Steam Turbines for Concentrated Solar PowerPDF2.20 MB Download