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100 Years MAN Isotherm CompressorsSince 1915, isothermal turbocompressors are manufactured in Zurich for the whole world. With the enhancement and launch of the 2nd generation RIKT isothermal compressor in 2014, MAN further extends its position as technology leader. 

The company has a long tradition in the development and manufacture of isothermal compressors with the first version being built back in 1915. 100 years later, over 1400 isothermal compressors have left the works in Zurich for use in a variety of sectors, including air separation for steel production, coal chemical plants, mining and aerodynamic wind tunnels. Many of these machines are in operation for decades and are highly valued due to their efficiency and high reliability.

To celebrate this anniversary, MAN Diesel & Turbo in Zurich invited customers from all over the world who had the opportunity to look back to a century of achievements and cast a look forward to future developments and successes. RIKT Product Manager Rudi ter Harkel stated: "Since its debut in 2001, we have sold more than 200 units of the recently enhanced RIKT product series." 

MAN is fit for the future

With the launch of the 2nd generation RIKT compressor in 2014, MAN reinforced its position as industry technology leader. According to the Managing Director of MAN Diesel & Turbo in Switzerland, Professor Hans Gut: "Innovation and Swiss quality are two of the most important factors in our success. With our new isothermal compressor concept we combine both and offer the best possible equipment to our customers."


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