Subsea compression: highest technology level achieved

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Statoil announced TRL7 for Åsgard subsea compression technology

Statoil announced TRL7 for Åsgard subsea compression technology: MAN’s subsea compressors reached field proven status – the Technology Readiness Level 7 (TRL).

The two compression trains, featuring MAN’s subsea HOFIM™ motor-compressor systems, have achieved more than 25’000 operating hours with an availability close to 100%.

During the UTC2017 (Underwater Technology Conference) in Bergen, Norway, Statoil’s experts presented the Åsgard subsea case as a quantum leap in technology. They highlighted the joint compressor development program with MAN Diesel & Turbo in Zurich. The two HOFIM™ units are the world’s first compressors installed and put into operation 300 meters below sea level.

The team behind the Åsgard subsea compressor technology has received the UTF (Underwater Technology Foundation) Subsea Award – acknowledging the value of collaboration, multidiscipline expertise and the persistence to drive technology forward.