High-Speed Oil Free Compressors (HOFIM™)

Sealed technology - more than 100 units sold since 1990

HOFIM™ stands for High-Speed Oil-Free Integrated Motor-Compressor.

By eliminating components such as dry gas seals, lube oil system and gearbox, the HOFIM™ compressor package features the use of  high speed induction motor and active magnetic bearings (MECOS). The motor is cooled by process gas and directly coupled to the barrel type compressor.

In addition to gas storage and pipeline usage, the totally sealed and oil-free HOFIM™ is also designated for dirty and/or sour untreated wellhead gas and can be used in other applications such as LNG, hydrogen and CO2 just to name a few.

Typical performance data

  • Compression power up to 18,000 kW (24,000 HP)
  • Discharge pressure up to 303 bar (4,395 psi)


  • Emission-free, environmentally friendly system
  • Small footprint and low weight
  • Extended operating range due to enhanced rotor dynamic behavior and the possibility for parallel/series operations
  • Ideally suitable for remote control and unmanned operation
  • Minimum service and maintenance requirements (fewer moving parts)

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