Magnetic Bearing Technology

With MECOS, MAN Energy Solutions provides state-of-the-art magnetic bearing solutions for oil & gas applications.

An Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) is an electro-magnetic system for controlling the position of a rotor, e.g. in a turbomachine. The AMB comprises a number of electro-magnets, positioned around the rotor, which generate attracting forces to maintain the position of the rotor relative to the stator.

Magnetic bearings require no lubricants, are frictionless and mechanically wear-free. They have the capability of tailoring bearing characteristics to optimize operation.

Typical Performance Data

  • Magnetic bearing systems for all sizes of turbomachinery, up to 20 MW and beyond
  • Capable of sour and wet gases
  • Bearing sizes for rotor diameters of up to 250mm and beyond
  • Load capacity up to 7 bars


  • Active damping of rotor vibrations
  • Unlimited starts / stops
  • Able to operate within the process gas stream
  • Oil-free operation: no contamination of process gas
  • Extremely low power consumption: typically 2-5 kW
  • UPS for safe operation included
  • Integrated “Machine Monitoring System”
  • Less installation cost and shorter commissioning time than comparable systems

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