Power Generation Solutions by MAN

MAN Energy Solutions offers efficient industrial gas and steam turbines as well as gas engines for compact Combined Heat & Power plants (CHP). Highly competitive efficiency, optimum part load behavior and flexibility are their key benefits for sustainable and environmentally friendly power conversion in public and industrial facilities. CHP technologies are proven, reliable and cost-effective systems focusing on decentralized power generation where heat recovery is used to produce steam, hot water or/and cooling for a wide range of industries like:

  • Food processing
  • Breweries
  • Automotive
  • Agriculture
  • Pulp & paper
  • Others


Case Study - MAN MGT6000 CHP Package

Distributed power installations also look for a good return on investment, short construction times, low maintenance cost and very low emissions. In addition, operators increasingly require flexibility regarding choice of fuel, mostly natural gas or fuel oil, and variation of power output to compensate for the fluctuations of power generation from renewable sources. The installations must comply with various electrical grid codes which require that the gas turbines exhibit a robust behavior in case of disturbances and failures from the electrical grid. They must stay on line, compensate grid instabilities and are hence an important component with regard to grid stability. Due to increasing operation at varying loads with a higher share of part load, exhaust emissions must remain low over a very wide range. These requirements can be fulfilled by the use of gas turbines developed for low emission and high efficient clean Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solutions.  

Assumptions for the calculations

  • The Net Present Value method is carried out for all CHP systems
  • The interest rate is considered equal to zero  
  • In this case the payback time is static
  • Investment considers equipment cost (outdoor installation), erection, commissioning 

Electricity Price (€/kWh)


Natural Gas Price (€/kWh)


Yearly Operating Time (hours)


Yearly Operation Time (hours)

2,400 (CHP 3 - Cooling)


CHP Solutions by MAN Diesel Turbo Gas Turbines

Summary and Benefits


  • CHP is most efficient process of converting fuel energy into usable power and heat
  • Heat process is dominant
  • Multiple energy outputs
  • High flexibility in operation
  • Reduced NOx & CO2 emissions compared to single processes
  • “Supplementary Firing” offers additional benefit compared to use of  an additional conventional boiler like fuel savings, lower investment cost, boiler operation independent from Gas Turbine possible if equipped with additional air blower system


  • Short payback time < 5 years
  • High Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Cost optimization by local subsidies for CHP systems possible



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